(Lheidli T’enneh Territory, Prince George March 15, 2018) The BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) is mourning the loss of Justa Monk of the Tl’azt’en Nation.  Regional Chief Teegee was honoured to have Justa as a mentor, a friend and an ally.  Justa passed on March 14, 2018 due to health complications.  During this time of mourning, BCAFN extends thoughts and prayers to the Monk family, to his extended family and community.

Justa Monk was a prominent First Nations leader in BC and was the first Tribal Chief of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council from 1981 to 1983 and again from 1990 and 1994.  He also served as Chief of his community for many years and also served on the First Nations Summit Executive.

“Justa was always looking to support and advocate for his people, his community, and his Nation.  Justa always believed in practicing our true Bahlat’s governance and speaking our Dakelh Language.  His strong voice and his tenacity, was effective in his straight to the point message to industry and government officials”, reflected BC Regional Chief Terry Teegee.  “His leadership and statesmanship, particularly within the north made a significant impact on all those around him.  At this difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with his community and his family.”

A mentor and a relative to BC Regional Chief Terry Teegee, Justa will be fondly remembered as fearless and outspoken leader and advocate for First Nations Title and Rights.  “Justa Monk will be missed in Tl’azt’en Nation and moreover in all Dakelh Territory and BC.  He was a character with his wit and humour and he certainly was an icon in First Nations leadership in BC and Canada.  I will miss his mentorship, his advocacy, his leadership and his speaking the Dakelh language. This is a huge loss for First Nations in Northern BC”, concluded Regional Chief Terry Teegee.

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