Chiefs from British Columbia, including Regional Chief Terry Teegee, travelled to unceded Algonquin Territory last week to conduct business at the Assembly of First Nations’ Special Chiefs Assembly. The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) advocates on behalf of First Nations on issues such as treaties, Indigenous rights, land and resources. They have the authority to review and enforce decisions and directions brought forward by proposed resolutions that are discussed and voted on at assemblies.

This event provided opportunities to acknowledge and honour individual contributions, receive updates on the federal government’s legislations and initiatives, and engage with all four leaders of Canada’s political parties. Some important issues advanced at this meeting include the Indigenous-Crown relations, climate change action, preservation of Indigenous languages and knowledge systems, protection for the environment and wildlife, economic development, housing and infrastructure, and support for a number of social justice initiatives.

“By coming together First Nations leaders forge solidarity and purpose as we work to address serious and timely issues and concerns experienced and brought forward by our peoples. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate achievements and navigate opportunities that will benefit First Nations,” states Regional Chief Terry Teegee.

Significantly, the Chiefs-in-Assembly rejected the Recognition and Implementation of the Indigenous Rights Frameworkand associated processes put forth by Canada’s federal government. Regional Chief Terry Teegee notes, “Chiefs from BC believe this decision was the best way to advance and maintain unity on this important issue that effects all First Nations in our province and Canada.” An immediate meeting was called for with the Prime Minister to assess and recommence the Nation-to-Nation Relationship.

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