Community Description

Xaxli'p, also known as the Fountain First Nation, is a First Nations government located in the Central Interior-Fraser Canyon region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Our mission is to be proud, independent, self-sufficient Xaxli'pmec and continue to purse a land settlement with the Canadian Government; work with the best interest of the Xaxli'pmec with support, trust and respect of one another. For all to be open minded.

Economic Development Background

The Xaxli'p First Nation Band Manager is the primary executive responsible for Economic Development, and employs a Community based approach, as community input is a vital component to achieving the community's goals and dreams.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Xaxli'p is Party to a Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement with the Provincial Government.

Community Details:

Lower Mainland Southwest
Xaxli'p First Nation (Fountain)
Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops)
1581.6 hectares

Contact Details:

Norman Champagne Economic Development
(250) 256-4800
(250) 256-4803
P.O. Box 1330 Lillooet, BC, Canada V0K 1V0
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