Community Description

The Tlatlasikwala Nation is a First Nations government located near Port Hardy in the Queen Charlotte Strait region of northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We are the descendants of the Tlatlasikwala, Nakumgilisala and Yutlinuk peoples. Our Territory covers the lands and waters of northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Our home village is at beautiful Bull Harbour on Hope Island. Our peoples originated from spiritual places in our Territory, places we hold sacred today. Our peoples numbered in the thousands until contact with sailing vessels 200 years ago. We had no immunity to the introduced diseases. Today the survivors number 65 and we are working hard to re-build our community.

Treaty or Tribal Association

Kwakiutl District Council

Economic Development Background

Tlatlasikwala First Nation is a sustainable and proactive Nation located on Vancouver Island. They are looking to connect with investors, contractors potential joint ventures, regional transportation companies and neighbouring Nations.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

While forestry is the dominant land use, the Nation currently has Impact Benefit Agreements with a wind farm company and a fin-fish aquaculture company and would be interested in additional renewable energy development.

Community Details:

Vancouver Island & Coast
Formerly Nuwitti (Pre-1985) (Variation Nahwitti)
West Coast (Nanaimo)
3474.4 hectares

Contact Details:

Ken Barth Planning and Research Coordinator
(250) 902-0311
(250) 902-0538
P.O. Box 339 Port Hardy, BC, Canada V0N 2P0
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