Community Description

Stellat'en traditional territory is located 160 km west of Price George on the fertile glacial basin between Fraser Lake and Vanderhoof. It is governed by a chief and two councillors

Treaty or Tribal Association

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Economic Development Background

Our traditional economy is centred around the sustainable harvest of fish and our communities have been located along fruitful lakes and rivers for this reason. Today we look to improve the wellbeing of our people through sustainable economic development opportunities.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Stellate'en has active economic development initiatives: a Forestry Program (including a traditional Forestry License a a Bui Fuel Fibre License) and a Sustainable Fisheries Program. It has future plans to develop Ecotourism. The community owns assets in logging equipment, construction equipment, and fisheries equipment

Community Details:

Stellat'en First Nation
Formerly Part Of Fraser Lake (Variation Fort Fraser Lake, Frazer Lake) Which Changed To Stellaquo (Pre-1994) (Variation Stella-Quo)
Omineca (Prince George)
851 hectares

Contact Details:

Tannis Reynold Councillor, Economic Development
(250) 699-8747
(250) 699-6430
P.O. Box 760 Fraser Lake, BC, Canada V0J 1S0
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