Community Description

The Pacheedaht First Nation is a First Nations government based on the south west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Pacheedaht territory includes the lands and waters along the southwest coast of Vancouver Island between Bonilla Point and Sheringham Point (see Map). The name "Pacheedaht" translates to English as "Children of the Sea Foam."

Treaty or Tribal Association

Independent / treaty with Ditidaht First Nation

Economic Development Background

Recent funding from Treaty negotiations provides a valuable opportunity to involve the Pacheedaht First Nation in rebuilding a lost forest economy in the Port Renfrew area with a new direction in tourism. As the project progresses, we anticipate benefits to all residents in Port Renfrew. The Pacheedaht First Nation promotes cooperation and harmony between all people

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

The Pacheedaht First Nation has signed an agreement with the Province that will bring economic benefits to Pacheedaht First Nation members and southwest Vancouver Island. The signing is a significant step forward in the treaty process.The Pacheedaht First Nation signed an incremental treaty agreement (ITA) with B.C. that provides land for creating economic opportunities, as well as for community and cultural purposes.

Community Details:

Vancouver Island & Coast
Pacheedaht First Nation
Formerly Pacheena (Variation Pacheenaht)
West Coast (Nanaimo)
117.7 hectares

Contact Details:

Chief Jeff Jones Chief
(250) 647-5521
General Delivery Port Renfrew, BC, Canada V0S 1K0
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