Community Description

Nak’azdli Whut’en is a non-treaty First Nation located adjacent to Fort St. James, BC. It has eighteen reserves in total in and around Fort St. James. Most members live on Indian Reserve (IR) #1 which is separated from Fort St. James by Kwah Road. There are also a few families on IR #1A up the North Road at Four-Mile and William’s Prairie Meadow.

Treaty or Tribal Association

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Economic Development Background

The Nak’azdli Development Corporation is the Band's business arm and was established in 1987, when the first company was established by the Nak’azdli Band.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Today, The Nak'azdli Development Corporation has expanded to include: Carrier Food & Fuel, Indian Tee Holdings, Jaboon Holdings, Nahounli Creek Gas Bar, Nak’al Koh Logging, Nus De, Sana’aih Market. Our partners include: Ta Da Chun and Sustat Holdings.

Community Details:

Includes Haanees (Variation Naanees) & Stuart Lake; Formerly Necoslie (Pre-1989) (Variation Necausley); Meaning "Where Arrows Were Flying"
Omineca (Prince George)
1456 hectares

Contact Details:

Leonard Thomas Economic Development Officer
(250) 996-7171
P.O. Box 1329 Fort St James, BC, Canada V0J 1P0
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