Treaty or Tribal Association


Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

The Heiltsuk First Nation is party to a number of agreements with the Provincial Government regarding the ongoing and proposed LNG developments in its traditional territory, as well as a Reconciliation Protocol Agreement. It is also party to two Forestry Agreements.

Community Details:

Vancouver Island & Coast
Variation Haeeltzuk; Amalgamated With: Kokyet (Variation Coquiette (1890)) & Kilkite; Includes 'Isdaitxv, Xixis, Kilkite, 'Qvuqvayaitxv, Uwithitxv, Uyalitxv; Formerly Bella Bella (1982)(Variation Bil_Balla, Pil-Palla); Includes 'Kviai'Itxv;
West Coast (Nanaimo)
1420.4 hectares

Contact Details:

Chief Marilyn Slett Chief
(250) 957-2381
(250) 957-2544
P.O. Box 880 Bella Coola, BC, Canada V0T 1Z0
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