Community Description

Hartley Bay, also known as the Gitga'at Nation, is a First Nations community on the coast of British Columbia. The village, which is accessable by boat, is located at the mouth of Douglas Channel, about 630 kilometres north of Vancouver and 145 kilometres south of Prince Rupert. The wellbeing of their people is intricately related to the health of their lands, waters, and resources, and the community continues to work to sustain their abundance and richness. Gitga’at culture is strengthening, and traditional practices continue to shape day to day life in the village.

Treaty or Tribal Association

Independent & Tsimshian First Nation Treaty Society

Economic Development Background

Hartley Bay operates an Economic Development Department, which manages the community's business affairs to benefit the people of the Nation.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Hartly Bay co-owns The North Co-Corp, along with Kitkatla and Metlakatla. It is a transport business that operates a ferry to service Hartley Bay, Kitkatla, Metlakatla, and Oona River. Hartley Bay has engaged LNG proponents actively and has negotiated numerous Economic Development and Employment and Training Agreements in partnership with neighboring First Nations Communities, Provincial Government and Industry.

Community Details:

North Coast
Hartley Bay
Formerly Kitkahta (Circa 1880S) (Variation Kithaata, Kitkaata); Alternate Gitga'At; Traditional Name Gitk'A'Ata
Skeena (Smithers)
641.7 hectares

Contact Details:

Ellen Torng CEO
(250) 841-2500
(250) 841-2541
445 Hayimiisaxaa Way Hartley Bay, BC, Canada V0V 1A0
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