Community Description

The Gitanmaax Band is a band government of the Gitxsan people, based near the meeting of the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers, adjacent to the village of Hazelton and 5 km west of New Hazelton, in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Our vision is to restore and maintain healthy traditional community values; while actively participating in the new economy.

Treaty or Tribal Association


Economic Development Background

Gitanmaax operates the Gitanmaax Development Corporation, which manages the business affairs of the community.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Businesses managed by the Gitanmaax Development Corporation include a general store and gas station (Gitanmaax Food and Fuel), the Ksan Historical Village, and the Gitanmaax Market. Gitanmaax has also engaged with the proponents of the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Community Details:

North Coast
Variation Getamax, Getanmas, Getanmax, Kitanman; Amalgamated Hazelton & Kisgegas (1949) (Variation Kesgogas, Kitsegas); Formerly Hazelton (Pre-1978); Meaning "People Who Fish With Burning Torches"
Skeena (Smithers)
2377.8 hectares

Contact Details:

Dianne Shanoss Executive Director
(250) 842-5297
(250) 842-6364
P.O. Box 440 Hazelton, BC, Canada V0J 1Y0
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