• The city of Williams Lake is now on an Evacuation Alert.
  • The community of Little Fort has lifted the evacuation order, but they remain on an evacuation alert.
  • The town of 100 Mile House: residents have been told to go north to Prince George.
  • The village of Ashcroft and surrounding area, including the Ashcroft Indian Band.
  • The village of Cache Creek and properties in the surrounding area including north of Scottie Creek and Hithium Lake.
  • Some properties north of the town of Princeton.
  • Properties in the Loon Lake and Dunn Lake areas as well as properties near Hallamore Lake.
  • Properties near Dragon Mountain.
  • The Miocene and Wildwood areas, the Lexington Subdivision, Fox Mountain, and Soda Creek.
  • Properties near 150 Mile House.
  • Properties near South Lakeside.
  • The Moore Mountain area and the area of Alexis Creek.
  • 300 Out-of-Province fire fighters from Saskachewan and Alberta have arrived in BC today.
  • T’kemlups te Secwepemc have opened their powwow grounds for evacuees, the grounds provide showers, RV space, as well as 700 pounds of donated meat ready to be cooked. Moccasin Square Garden is also available.
  • T’kemlups te Secwepemc may have space for livestock, as well as resources such as water and hay. For information call Ron @ 250-819-8012.



Central Region (Cariboo Fire Centre)

Ashcroft First Nation
The First Nation is under evacuation order to be fully evacuated. Some people have remained sheltered in place in the community. People have had to evacuate on a moment’s notice and the First Nation is working to determine where their community members are sheltering. The First Nation Emergency Services Society is working with Ashcroft First Nation to set up an Emergency Operations Centre to coordinate with municipal officials and assist with arranging necessary paperwork for Emergency Social Services for evacuees. The First Nation is trying to ensure they are tracking locations of the evacuees and is receiving assistance from First Nations’ Emergency Services Society and Bonaparte First Nation.

Bonaparte Indian Band
The First Nation has no land lines and communication is by cell phone only. The First Nation is receiving many requests for escorting evacuees out of the community. This is difficult given the conflicting reports on highway and road closures. Evacuation Order is in place for IR#2 and possibly IR#1. They are coordinating with municipal and provincial officials. The First Nation Emergency Services Society has provided assistance to set up an Emergency Operations Centre and assist with paperwork and process for obtaining Emergency Social Services and locating evacuees.

A new account has been set up to accept donations for Bonaparte Indian Band at Royal Bank. The attached pre-authorized/direct deposit form can be forwarded to those who wish to donate via electronic banking (no email transfers can be accepted). Anyone wanting to make cash donations, I would encourage them to go to any Royal Bank and deposit funds to BIB’s donation account: 00640 003 100-047-0. Cheques can be mailed to Bonaparte Indian Band, Box 669 Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0.

Cook’s Ferry
The Chief previously reported that they have accepted 30 evacuees from other areas like Ashcroft and have no fuel or food for them. There is concern for 4 elders in 2 homes on IR#18 without hydro.  Provincial officials provided contact information for BC Hydro.

Skeetchestn Indian Band
The First Nation has activated their Emergency Operations Centre out of the Band office. The First Nation remains on standby pending any directional changes of the wildfires.

Simpcw First Nation
Chief Matthew indicated they are having difficulty transporting essential Band operations people into their territory due to road closures. Asked to communicate with necessary people to resolve this issue. Chief Matthew indicated that the First Nation is very well equipped to handle wildfires and have available heavy equipment and trained firefighters in place through their Emergency Management Plan that they are willing to offer to assist.
They are currently under Evacuation Alerts and have no evacuees at this time. One home at the end of Dunn Lake is at risk. Their Emergency Operations Centre is operational. On July 10, 2017, it was reported that the fire department is doing patrols and watching for spot fires. They have also gone door to door to update community members, and a water bladder is being set up to ensure water access.

Northeast Region (Prince George Fire Centre)

Alexis Creek First Nation

Partial evacuation started on July 8, 2017. The First Nation reported that evacuation order is in effect for one person. One Band Council Resolution was issued for Stone Reserve #1. Hydro power was noted as an issue for the First Nation. On July 10, 2017, according to EMBC, power is still out in some areas and there is no fuel. It was reported that some Anahim Lake evacuees are sheltering in the community. First Nation unable to generate Band Council Resolution to declare State of Local Emergency. INAC BC Regional Office will inform them to notify provincial officials to make alternative arrangements. Evacuations can proceed in the meantime if necessary.

Canim Lake Indian Band
An evacuation alert is in place for the community. The First Nation reported that evacuation order is in effect for one person. One person is registered for Emergency Social Services. One Band Council Resolution was issued for Canim Lake Indian Reserve #4. The Chief indicated they had a reception center open with food for evacuees. INAC BC Regional Office reported that the First Nation has evacuated elders as smoke is very thick. They have completed forms for resource request to provincial officials and the Red Cross. They are also considering requesting Emergency Social Services. The Band office remains open with hydro power in the community. The Canim Hendrix road in the community is closed due to fire proximity; they are also cut off from 100 Mile House which has been evacuated. Evacuees mainly went to Prince George but Kamloops is also accepting people. Community members have also evacuated to 103 Mile, 105 Mile, 108 Mile, and Lac La Hache IR#1. Canim Lake Band has opened their gymnasium for evacuees, they are providing food, water and shelter. A fire center has also been opened at Canim Lake Bands Natural Resource office, for contact call (250)-397-2293

?Esdilagh First Nation
On July 9, 2017 the First Nation reported that evacuation order is in effect for one person. One Band Council Resolution was issued for Alexandria Reserves #1 and #3.

Soda Creek First Nation (Xat’sull)
On 9JUL2017, the First Nation was informed by provincial officials that Soda Creek IR#1 and Deep Creek IR#2 were on immediate evacuation order. They were initially told to evacuate to Prince George and then later to Williams Lake. Number of homes and evacuees unknown at this time.
On July 10, 2017, it was reported that Soda Creek IR#1 and Deep Creek IR#2 are under evacuation order. Provincial officials and Red Cross provided detailed information on Emergency Social Services application process. Community members have questions about homes that are destroyed with no insurance. Number of homes and evacuees unknown at this time.

Tl’etinqox Government
On July 10, 2017, EMBC indicated that an evacuation of this First Nation has been called. Provincial officials ordered an immediate general evacuation order.  Chief Alphonse has indicated that a number of band members are staying to fight the fire.  The province has indicated that the fire is close to the highway and it is difficult to transport fuel. Members continue to fight back wild fires threatening their communities. Chief Joe Alphonse has put a call out for assistance for items such as portable showers, generators and tents. Tl’etinqox continues to fight the wildfire with volunteer band members, using their own heavy machinery and tools. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ulkatcho First Nation
On July 9, 2017, the First Nation reported that evacuation order is in effect for one person. One Band Council Resolution was issued for Anahim Flats #1. The First Nation reported that approximately half of the community (around 200 people, unconfirmed) are sheltering in place in the community.
Provincial officials offered to provide the Chief with a satellite phone to maintain contact which was accepted. The Chief was on a RCMP fly over on July 10, 2017 to observe the extent of the fire that is near their community. Part of the community (approximately 200 people) is not responding to evacuation orders and are sheltering in place. A town hall meeting was held on July 10, 2017 to dispense latest information.

Williams Lake First Nation

Williams Lake is on an evacuation alert. On July 9, 2017, it was reported that the reservoir level is back up to 45% after water had to be shut off in part of the community due to leakage in system. Confirmed that it would not impact hydrants for firefighting purposes. Hydro outage also reported due to one home destroyed by fire. Concerned may still be live wires and Hydro notified. On July 10. 2017, the First Nation requested assistance from provincial officials to clean up around community and help with dozer guards.

Yunesit’in Government

On July 8, 2017, the First Nation reported that evacuation order is in effect. The Cariboo Regional District Emergency Operations Centre asked for a status update, but nobody could provide any confirmed information. As of July 10, 2017, the status of an evacuation order remains unconfirmed.



For the latest road closures and conditions, visit www.DriveBC.ca.

  • Highway 1: closed from Ashcroft to Cache Creek; and both directions east and west out of Cache Creek; and in the westbound lane to Savona.
  • Highway 5A: closed in both directions at junction with Highway 3 in Princeton, and closed in both directions at Coalmon Road.
  • Highway 97C: closed from Logan Lake to Ashcroft; and from junction with Highway 1 to Government Street in Ashcroft.
  • Highway 99: closed from Lillooet to Cache Creek.
  • Highway 20: closed to westbound traffic at the Chilcotin Bridge, 25 km west of Williams Lake.
  • Likely Road: closed from 150 Mile House to junction with Horsefly Road.


Air quality alerts are in place for the following regions. People in these regions are being asked to avoid strenuous outdoor activities and to stay inside if you have breathing difficulties.

  • 100 Mile House
  • Cariboo – north including Quesnel
  • Cariboo – south including Williams Lake
  • Fraser Canyon – north including Lillooet
  • Fraser Canyon – south including Lytton
  • Nicola
  • North Thompson
  • South Thompson
  • Central Okanagan
  • North Okanagan
  • South Okanagan
  • Prince George
  • Vanderhoof
  • Shuswap
  • Similkameen


  •  Red Cross Emergency Funds

Anyone registered with the Red Cross will immediately receive $600 via direct transfer to their bank account. To register, or if you have been evacuated, click on the following link www.redcross.ca/gethelp or call 1-800-863-6582.



For specific support in regional areas please call:

 Central Region (Kamloops) 250-371-5261

Northeast Region (Prince George) 250-614-6322

There are First Nation Coordination calls based on the regions

  • Northeast region – daily calls at 2:00 pm
    • Dial in 1-877-353-9184 participant ID 6160606#

 Central Region – daily calls at 3:00 pm

    • Dial in 1-877-353-9184 Participant ID 5166580#

If you require any further information or support, please contact UBCIC, FNS or BCAFN.