(Musqueam Territory/Vancouver) – October 12th, 2017 The BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) held its 14th Annual General Meeting at the Musqueam Community Centre in Vancouver on Wednesday October 11th and Thursday October 12th. The BCAFN represents 203 First Nations in the province of British Columbia. The highlight of the gathering was the election of the Regional Chief. Running for election was Chief Maureen Chapman of the Skawahlook First Nation and Tribal Chief Terry Teegee of the Takla Lake First Nation.

After the first ballot, the electoral officer announced that each candidate had received an equal number of votes. A second ballot was conducted, and the winner by five votes, was Terry Teegee.

Teegee has served as Tribal Chief of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council since 2012. Terry also served as the BC representative for the National Aboriginal Forestry Council from 2008 to 2014. Recently Teegee was one of 250 participants selected from across the country for the Governor Generals Leadership Conference.

The BCAFN elections also included positions on the board, and the female Youth Representative.

Re-elected to two-year terms on the board of directors are Heiltsuk First Nation Chief Marilyn Slett, and Katzie First Nation Chief Susan Miller. Elected to fill the balance of two vacant positions on the board until the end of 2018, is Nisga’a Chief Charles Morvin, and Upper Nicola Chief Harvey McLeod. The assembly also voted for the female Youth Representative to serve a three-year term. Angela Charlie of the Sts’alles and Musqueam First Nation was elected by the assembly.

The BCAFN looks forward to a bright future, with a new mandate to serve the member nations in the province.  The BC Assembly of First Nations is unified towards self-sufficiency and vibrancy while never forgetting who we are. We envision a future where our inherent laws, lands, and traditions are recognized and respected by governments, industry and the general public‎.

For further information contact:
Melanie Debassige, Chief of Staff