(Lheidli T’enneh Territory, Prince George, BC – June 12, 2018) – June 11th marks the 10th anniversary of the Government of Canada’s Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools and their families. Regional Chief Terry Teegee wants to ensure that all Canadians understand this important occasion, and important moment in Canadian history.

“The apology to survivors, their families and to those that were lost to the Residential School system in Canada, is an important moment for all Canadians. In BC there were over 18 Indian Residential Schools throughout our lands that were run by religious institutions and Canada. They were designed to take our children, and ‘kill the Indian in the child’.” Regional Chief Teegee added, “As a result of the courage and resilience of our people, we went to the highest court in Canada to find justice from what happened to our people – in 2005, the result was a Supreme Court of Canada ruling for the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement for survivors and their families. In addition to ‘common experience’ payments, the courts ordered Canada to issue a public apology to First Nations, Canadians and citizens of the international community.”

The Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement triggered a $1.9 billion ‘common experience’ payments to former students, the public apology by Prime Minister Steven Harper in the House of Commons, the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, amoung other actions.

Regional Chief Teegee state, “We all have an obligation to understand the true history of Canada and the long-standing impacts of colonization and intergenerational trauma on Indigenous peoples of this country. As we move forward in implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 94 Calls to Action for reconciliation, more needs to be done to address the long-standing effects of colonial policies for a better future for indigenous peoples and all Canadians.”

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Regional Chief Terry Teegee
Phone: (250) 299-2030
BC Assembly of First Nations

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