Description of Program/Initiative

BC has committed up to $10M annually for 3 years (FY2015/16-FY2017/18) in new funding in support of Aboriginal skills training, focused primarily on First Nation communities poised to benefit from LNG development, encouraging collaborative partnerships with First Nations, Industry, Federal and provincial governments.

Location Description

Program is available to communities affected by potential LNG development (along LNG corridor).

Eligibility Requirements

Funding is invested on a project by project basis according to a series of considerations, including: Link to regional labour market need; Timing of training linked to available jobs; Number of people trained; Amount of financial request; and Experience of training provider.
Eligible participants can include members who are unemployed, underemployed, receiving social assistance, recent high school graduates, or seeking a career change. (Note: This information taken from media announcements about program offerings.)

Resource Details:

Workforce Development
Select locations only.
Exclusively targets Aboriginal people.
To FY2017/18
Intakes and nature of training vary by location.
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