Description of Program/Initiative

The Ministry provides $4.3M for an Aboriginal Emergency Financial Assistance Fund to support Aboriginal students experiencing a short-term financial crisis (available at all 25 B.C. public post-secondary institutions).

The goal of the Fund is to support Aboriginal student retention and program completion. It was established partly as a result of the LE NONET pilot program evaluation (UVic), which identified that program’s emergency assistance funding as a key contributor to student retention and success. In FY2015/16, $678,741 was disbursed to 1,343 students through the Fund.

Location Description

All 25 BC public post-secondary institutions. Usually accessed through Aboriginal student services or financial aid office.

Eligibility Requirements

Public post-secondary institutions.
Aboriginal students experiencing unforseen or unexpected financial need, such as (but not limited to) family emergencies, car repairs, medical expenses. Students can receive up to a maximum of $700 per year, and can apply for assistance more than once. Institutional staff determine eligibility in keeping with purpose of the fund.

Resource Details:

Post secondary facilities Province-wide
One-time funding of $1.96M in FY2015/16 to cover FY2015/16 and FY2016/17. Unspent funds can carry over until end of FY2016/17.
Exclusively targets Aboriginal people.
On demand.
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