British Columbia Assembly of First Nations


Maureen Chapman

The new BCAFN Regional Chief will be elected October 2017 at the BCAFN Annual General Meeting.

Chief Maureen Chapman is the Acting Regional Chief until the October Assembly.




Shxwetelemel-elhot, also known as Chief Maureen Chapman, was born in Clearwater, BC.  She spent a number of years in Washington State where she graduated from high school, raised her family and, returned to BC in the early 1990’s.  Her son, Jesse, and his family reside in southeastern Washington State.

After returning to BC, she continued her studies at the University of the Fraser Valley and also began her Council work for Skawahlook First Nation, a member community of the Sto:lo Nation, who are the People of the River.  Maureen is the hereditary Chief of her Nation and, was handed this responsibility in 1999.  Skawahlook First Nation practices a matrilineal system and, her successor is being mentored for the Chief’s position.  Maureen participates as a member of the Sto:lo Nation Chief’s Council (SNCC), which is comprised of 11 First Nation communities and, 7 of the 11 communities who are currently negotiating a treaty.  She has been appointed by the SNCC to represent them, as their political voice, to the First Nations Health Council, as well as additionally participating on a number of committees and boards for the SNCC.  Skawahlook First Nation is a member of the Lands Advisory Board and Chief Chapman is an elected Director for the Board.

Maureen’s involvement with BCAFN, aside from being a Director, includes a political appointment to the Chiefs Committee on Claims, and she is currently assisting the Regional Chief in establishing a BCAFN Women’s Council.