Board of Directors


Rebecca David
Pauquachin First Nation


Chief Harris was elected Chief of Pauquachin First Nation in October 2014 at the age of 33, with a vision of applying her experience and education in the hope of improving the quality of life of Pauquachin First Nation members.

Chief Harris has attained the following educational achievements: Diploma in Social Work at Malaspina College University; Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care- Vancouver Island University; Post-Degree in Business Management and Leadership at Vancouver Island University; Master’s in Business Administration- Vancouver Island University and a second Master’s Degree in International Business and Science – University of Hertfordshire. While completing her education, Chief Harris focused on furthering her efforts to gain as much experience and knowledge to enhance her ability to make a difference and influence change. Having worked within First Nation Businesses and Organizations for about 15 years, she maintains a resilient commitment to enhancing Aboriginal programs. I pride myself in being able to balance the effectiveness of a job with its efficiency.

A proud mother of four children, aside from her role as a Director of the BCAFN, Chief Harris also sits on the following boards and committees: National Indian Brotherhood Board of trustee (BC Representative); and is a Member on the Advisory Committee on Climate Change and the Environment (BC Region Representative).

Marilyn Slett
Heiltsuk First Nation


Marilyn Slett is a member of the Heilsuk Nation and is serving her ninth year as elected chief councillor.  Marilyn has served two consecutive terms as an elected tribal councillor and is a former executive director of the Heilsuk Tribal Council. She has completed the certificate in the administration of indigenous governments and diploma in public sector management with the University of Victoria.  Her regional representation includes current President of the Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative and is the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations Women’s Representative on the National Assembly of First Nations Women’s Council.

Harvey McLeod
Upper Nicola Band


Chief Harvey McLeod is the elected chief of the Upper Nicola Band. He was elected to the BCAFN Board of Directors on October 12, 2017.

Chief McLeod was first elected to Upper Nicola Band council in 1982. He was elected Chief of Upper Nicola Band in March of 2014 and re-elected in March 2017.

As an individual, Chief McLeod has experienced some lows and highs in his lifetime. As a residential school survivor, Chief McLeod has taken steps to improve his wellness and throughout his healing journey has built up the confidence to take on any challenge and face any demons. Understanding that forgiveness and knowing life is more fulfilling gives Chief McLeod the strength to assist his family and community and to step forward in a good way. In his two grandchildren, he sees the opportunities that he never had, and knowing that they will have the opportunity to be seen gives him the strength to continue serving his community and the Chiefs of BC.

He oldest of seven siblings (five surviving), Chief McLeod was the first to graduate in his family, and the first to receive a college diploma in Agriculture from Fairview College in Alberta in 1984. Harvey has previous experience with the Western Indian Agriculture Corporation and the Nicola Valley Indian Development Corporation as a small business advisor, and has worked for Human Resources Development Canada for nine years. Chief McLeod has also worked for many years as the Executive Director of the Interior Salish Employment and Training Society (AHRDA).


Charles Morven
Chief Councillor
Nisga'a Village Government of Gitwinksihlkw


Chief Charles Morven is the elected Chief Councillor of the Nisga’a Village of Gitwinksihlkw. He was elected to the BCAFN Board of Directors on October 12, 2017.

Charles Morven is a member of the Nisga’a Nation and belongs to Wilps Axdii Wil Luugooda and Ksim Xsaan.  Charles currently holds the Nisga’a name, Daaxheet. Chief Councillor Morven originates from the community of Gitlaxt’aamiks and is currently serving as the Chief Councillor on the Gitwinksihlkw Village Government. Charles holds the responsibility for Economic Development and Finance to the Village Government.  He also has responsibilities to Nisga’a Lisims Government where he sits on the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and where he chairs the Nisga’a Fisheries and Wildlife Committee.

Chief Councillor Morven has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in First Nations Studies through UNBC and a certificate in Advance Management attained through the UBC Sauder’s School of Business.  A future educational goal for Charles is to obtain a Masters in Business Administration.

Charles also served as Council Representative for the Northwest on the First Nations Health Council (FNHC) from 2012-2016. Charles had the responsibilities while on the FNHC as chairperson for the Northwest Regional Table, Partnership Table with Northern Health Authority and the Policy Committee.

 Chief Councillor Morvin currently resides in the community of Gitwinksihlkw the home of beautiful wife Nicole Morven.  Charles and Nicole have one daughter Peyton Azak-Morven.