(Secwepemc Territory/Kamloops, BC) – November 8, 2017 The BC Assembly of First Nations acknowledges the Indigenous veterans who fought, and who continue to serve for Canada abroad as we observe National Aboriginal Veterans Day. National Aboriginal Veterans Day was first observed in 1994, and has continued to mark the service of Indigenous peoples to Canada, and their role in Canada’s foreign policy.

Regional Chief Terry Teegee stated, “Indigenous peoples’ contributions to military service are an important part of our shared history, and it is their dedication to continued military and peacekeeping operations that we must reflect on and honour. First Nations and Indigenous peoples have been known to respond to the calls to service, and today we reflect on those we have lost in the defense of Canadian values of peace, and democracy. We must also reflect on the persistent gaps in wellbeing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and we must strive to work harder to close these gaps. As we continue to work towards true lasting reconciliation based on recognition of Indigenous Rights, and Title, we must never forget the sacrifices and accomplishments of Canada’s Indigenous Veterans.”

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